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I am Deirdre and I have a really fun job of designing jewelry in my sunny Minneapolis studio. The members of my company don't come to work here each day, but I bring them with me in my heart and mind. God is my President and my family and friends are my co-workers. From them I have learned to celebrate the simple things in life, and to mark the occasions that make us who we are. From these life lessons, I design jewelry. This helps me make sense of my world and communicate to those I love. I hope my jewelry touches your life and gives you a little something for a special occasion, or a chance to remember that each day is a gift worth celebrating. A particular passions of mines is designing custom jewelry or gifts for organizations and individuals using a logo, theme or images. With no minimums, we create from one to thousands at an affordable price. What a blessing to partner with organizations as they honor employees, promote events, thank donors and celebrate milestones.

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