My First Blog!

Feb 18 2010

This is the Joyful Jewelry Journal (or J3 for short) me old fashioned, but I like the word journal.  I suppose it would be more relevant  if I called it the Blissful Bauble Blog (or B3 for short), but while the alliteration works, it does not capture the same essence.   Let's be honest, life is rarely blissful.  Sure those 2 or 3 stolen days each year spent basking in the sun on a long sandy beach are blissful.  But how often does that happen? (Not enough that is for sure.)  Joyful on the other hand we can aspire to each and every day.  So this blog will be a old fashioned journal in the new fangled blogossphere.  It will be about joy and and about jewelry, sometimes connected, often not.

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