Colossians Chick

Feb 23 2010

Our Pastor was preaching on ...well, truth be told, I don’t remember exactly what. But I do remember a verse he read from Colossians 3.   It captured my thoughts (it is ok, right? to stop listening to the sermon to dwell on a Bible verse?) The verse begins with ‘clothe yourself’...I love that expression. Clothes are something we put on every day. It is a deliberate act and we do it each day. So here is this verse saying ‘clothe yourself in’ and then it lists a bunch of cool attributes. It does not say be, become or try to become this person, it says clothe yourself. Whew, what a relief. The expectation is not that I will be or live at all times up to the attributes on the list. The expectation is that each and every day, I will choose to put them on.
I was so struck by the verse because it list attributes that sum up for me what I want to be as a Mom. How different would my home be if I put on a shirt each morning of tenderhearted mercy, with kindness in its sleeves? If my hair was crowned with humility and my feet were shod in boots of gentleness? And as I stepped into my skirt (you know the pretty green striped one,) it would be covering me in patience? How would that crazy hour of the day when backpacks are being put away, homework needs to be done and someone should cook dinner be like if I took each step in gentleness? If my arms worked only with kindness? If patience was at my core? If there was tenderhearted mercy for my household? And if, above all, my head was crowned in humility, knowing it is an honor to serve my family? I must admit that our home would look rather different. I want to be clothed like that, I want to be that kind of Mom (and yes, I want a pretty green striped skirt as well.) So I wonder when I crawl out of bed an hour or 2 before I really want to tomorrow, if I can remember to “clothe myself with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience?” Colossians 3:12 

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