Post It Notes

Apr 16 2010


My joy today came in the form of a post it note! I pack lunch for my daughter everyday and I always include a little note. It is usually just a post it note that says “I love you” or “have a great day.” It is such a little thing, but I know it goes a long way. It nourishes my daughter’s soul much more than that P.B. and J. nourishes her body. My joy came today when I opened my lunch bag and there were 2 post it notes. In delightful 8 year old penciled words, one note said “I want you to have a good day” and the other said “you are loved” or “yor are loved” depending on how you read her writing. Of course that matters not. I feel loved today and I have had a good day. And what did I have for lunch today? It is 4 o’clock and I have already forgotten, but my soul is holding to those nourishing words.

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