Mother's Day

With Mother’s day fast approaching, I have been thinking a lot about Moms and being a Mom. As an adoptive Mom, my road to Motherhood did not include pregnancy, labor and an itty bitty baby. Lot of paper work, a plane to Ecuador, more paperwork, and a crazy car ride down the Andes Mountains brought me to motherhood. My itty bitty baby was 5 when I met her. She was scared, oh so scared, and I don’t blame her. I met her in the front yard of her foster family’s home. After a brief ‘hola’ we walked into their house together. I put out my hand to this little girl besides me, and with more courage than I can imagine, she was brave enough to hold hands with this stranger/mother. The feeling of her hand in mine is a sensation I will never forget. I have held hands with many kids, but holding hands with this little girl made me a mom. I am grateful beyond measure that my daughter’s inborn desire to have the unconditional love of a Mother gave her the courage to reach up and hold my hand.
       I’d love to hear one of your favorite Mom stories. Please post your favorite Mom story
We will do a random drawing on May 5th and send a You Are Loved pendant to the writer or Mother ofthe writer of the winning story. We are still working on the details of our blog... so please post you name with your entry.
We will get that fixed, but not before Mother’s Day. We will post the winner on Wednesday the 5th at noon. Check back and see if you are the winner. (We will have no way to notify you...until we get our issues fixed :)

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