I'm lame

May 11 2010

I’m lame…So I was supposed to announce the winner of the Mother Story give-away.   Alas, I was so busy planning my personal Mother’s Day trip that I forgot to post the winner.  Where does the time go?  Is that not the classic question of a Mom?  How do we do it all?  Why do we try to do it all?  Why do we put such pressure on ourselves?  If you have the answer, by all means let me know!  In the mean time, I know that all I put into packing, planning and prepping for a weekend trip to The Island (that’s what we call it—the rest of the world calls it Washington Island) was worth it!  I may have forgotten a blog post and possibly a whole list of other things that I have not remembered yet, but I heard my child laugh and laugh.  I saw my city dog act like a pup.  I saw my man relax and I saw my own Mom relish love.  I sat on the sunny deck of the ferry boat to begin our trip home with an exhausted dog at my side, a content man on the other and a happy wild, child climbing all over.  (My Mom got to stay and enjoy a bit more Island time.)  I was simply happy.  I will cherish that moment…and now the winner…the winning post was anonymous, but if you see your post here, by all means let me know and I will send you the necklace.

Anonymous at 5:07pm May 4th 2010

Having been an infertility patient, I came to motherhood with a sense of incredulity. After all this time, was this tiny little person really coming home with us?? It made me even more aware of the 'now', the little moments of grace that pepper our days. I even used to hold them as they slept, just to marvel at them, to wonder who they would become, what they would be like. So my story of motherhood is full of those moments....lifting Ben, as a baby, high into the branches of a flowering mock orange to be surrounded by blossom and scent for the first time. Bitta telling me at age three that our dinner wine 'smelled like Christ.' Marking the many firsts...seconds..and thirds until they became loved family traditions....mayflowers, the first snowfall at night, strawberry suppers. To this day, I still tuck them in on their 'birthday eve' and tell them 'good night, my___year old', because, I tell them, I'll never be able to say that again! And, although they are now 15 and 17, it's something they won't let me forget. Our journey together has been full of those moments, and I pray that through the 'seasons of life', those "five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes" will continue to be measured in moments of love. I have the sense that every stage has been better than the last...yes, even adolescence, knock on wood! I love them to pieces, and, even more, I really LIKE them! What a ride this has been! And whether it has been a great day or a rough day together, I am profoundly grateful to have had it.

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