May 20 2010


Main Entry: ac·com·mo·dat·ing

Function: adjective

Date: 1775

:willing to please :helpful, obliging



My daughter inadvertently miss-pronounced accommodating the other night and it totally cracked me up.  The humor was completely lost on her little 8 year old self, but any Mom would have been laughing right along with me.  I was explaining that I work very hard to be accommodating of her needs and wants, but that does not always mean giving her what she wants when she wants it.   As she was trying to understand the concept, she looked up at me with her pretty brown eyes and said, I get it now Mom, you are amMOModating.  I thought about correcting her pronunciation, but decided not to.  The word Mom probably should be right in the middle of the word accommodating.  It is what we do 24/7.

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