Angels, Angels Angels Everywhere

Sep 19 2010

Thinking more about angels and community… there are the ‘2 wings, a body and a head’ type of angels, of course, but don’t we all have ‘human’ angels in our day?  Those people who knowingly or not swoop in and love us up in some way?  The next 30 days will be angel days here at Deirdre & Company.  Each day I will post a little something about the angel or angels in my day.   I would love to have you join me in sharing angel stories.  Add your angel sighting to my Angels, Angels, Angels Everywhere blog post or post your angel sighting on my facebook page.  I want to play Frisbee with a halo, be caught by the flutter of a feather and be blown away by the breeze beneath angel wings.  I want to remember to say thank you to the people who encourage and support me.  I want those angels out there who make me laugh to know that I cherish them. I want to delight in my community and let them know that their presence in my life is nothing short of angelic.

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