Sep 07 2010

I finally did it!  There are times when something seems so simple but it ends up being hard.  Angels, everyone love them, everyone know them.  2 wings, a head and a body- not so hard right?  In 25 year or so of designing jewelry, I have never come up with an angel design that I really liked.  And then one day a customer faxed over an idea.  Could you do an angel that is done somewhat like your Let Your Spirit Soar design?  Hmmm… let me think, let me doodle (the non-techie word for design).   The answer became yes.  I can design an angel like that.  How did that seemingly hard thing suddenly become so simple?  Community.  Working together. Taking time to hear.  It makes me wonder what situation would become easier if I hear more than I talked, if I took the time to work with someone instead of doing on my own.  If I took time to treasure my community?

more photos of the Angels

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