But Mom, Jesus did wear a superman cape

Nov 03 2010


I am not sure how our dinner conversation got to superman capes, but it did.  I love dining with an 8 year old.  There must have been a very questioning look on my face when my sweet daughter announced that Jesus wore a superman cape as she followed that statement with “it says so in the Bible.” Naturally I asked where.   She said you know mom (that somehow sounded like Mom how dumb can you be) when Jesus died on the cross with the 2 bad guys, the guys below played a dice game for Jesus’ superman cape.  It did not seem the time to point out that cloak does not really mean the same thing as cape and believe it or not, cape does not always mean a superman cape.  It seemed better to know that she understands some pivotal commonalities between Jesus and Superman.  They both love to save and they both have out of this world powers.  Jesus is the ultimate super hero and perhaps when we get to heaven, my daughter will be right, maybe Jesus does wear a superman cape. 

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