The Tree

Jun 28 2011

I have this tree that is firmly rooted at the corner of the garage at my studio.  It is really an awkward place for a tree as it is half-growing in the garage.  I love trees, but truth be told, this is an ugly tree.  I am sure it creates oxygen in the air as successfully as the pretty trees, but I find it bothersome.  It is so bothersome that it garnered me a citation from the city of Minneapolis when it was overhanging the alley.  So for the sake of the city and the longevity of the garage, I decided to cut it down.  I hacked it off about 2 feet above the ground (the best I could do without damaging the garage).  I assumed victory over the tree. 


That was 2 summers ago.  This ugly, ill-placed tree will not die.  I have chopped off its limbs, dosed it with unmentionable poison, and yet it lives.  It is determined to sprout new leaves; it is determined to grow while I do everything I can to kill it.  Against all odds, it is determined to be the best tree it can be.  I admire its tenacity, its sheer joy and purpose in being a tree.  It is living the life it was created to live. 


Do I live with such purpose?  Do I find joy when things are not going my way?  I would love to say yes, but I know that the answer is no.  Philippians 4:4 says Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: RejoiceI believe my tree is doing that in its own tree-ish way, and I wish I did it more in my own me-ish way.  I want to rejoice always.  Better yet, I pray that I can always rejoice.  I will start by finding joy and not frustration when I park each day and see that tenacious tree still growing out of the garage.

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