Snowflake Crosses

Jul 13 2011

My daughter goes to a school that runs on a different schedule than normal. So, last week I found myself wondering what meaningful gift to give to the 2 wonderful teachers who have poured their hearts into the education of my daughter (and the rest of her class).  Bit by bit, they shaped the third graders who entered the classroom in the fall into a group of kids ready for the 4th grade.  I so appreciate teachers.  The love, commitment, and patience the put into educating kids is amazing to me. So how, as a parent, do you say thanks?  Creativity is always a good thing, so I put my little one to work with paper and scissors.  I helped her fold paper snowflake-style so that when it was cut into a design; the finished “snowflake” would be a cross. 


So awhile later she had created a pile of snowflake crosses.  We laid them all out on the floor (yes it was snowing in July in Minneapolis), picked one design for each teacher, and I was set to make jewelry.  Our first step was a trip to the photocopier where I reduced the snowflakes to jewelry size.  I then went to work with the jewelers saw and other tools of my trade, and the finished pieces were sterling silver necklaces for her teachers. 


I was telling my brother about the project, and he said, “And did you write a thank you note that talked about:  ‘Just as you molded and shaped my daughter’s mind and character this year, we molded and shaped this cross just for you’?”  Sadly I am not as eloquent as he is, and my note just said something like “Thanks for all the work and love you put into making this a great year.”  But I do imagine that this year will fly by and next year we will be wanting to thank another great teacher or two, and we will not only make some new crosses, but I will be sure to “steal” my brothers eloquent thoughts to include in the thank you note.

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