Wise Words from a Little Old Lady

Jul 26 2011

Well I don’t actually know if she was a little old lady, but I read her story in Living Patiently by J. Allen Blair, and as the story unfolded I had a wonderful picture in my mind’s eyes.  You know the little old lady type—white, short hair a bit mussed, a sweet floral dress with a touch of slip hanging too low.  She may be moving a bit slower these days, but the sparkle in her eyes lets you know she is one cool lady.  I just love her story…there were 3 elderly ladies who where talking of their experiences.  One said, “I have had lots of troubles. I’ve lain awake nights with them, but those that worried me most never happened.”   “My husband,” said another “used to say I carried 3 bags of trouble: those I had, those I used to have, and those I expected to have.” 

The 3rd lady chuckled a bit and said, “Right now I can’t seem to remember my troubles.  The good Lord told me to cast all my cares on Him, and He gave me strength for each days work and helped me over the hard places.  At night, by the time I’ve finished thanking Him for His goodness, I’m always so tired I just fall asleep.”


What if I put as much energy into thanking God for His goodness as I do into worrying about stuff?  I can say with assurance that my days would be dramatically different.  I am also completely certain that I would fall delightfully asleep each night dreaming of God’s goodness, my daughter’s laughter, and a sweet old lady in a floral dress.

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