End-of-August Blues

Aug 18 2011

A wonderful summer is drawing to a close as school begins in about 2 weeks.  I find myself with 2 very different sets of feelings.  As I had lunch with my daughter (just like I have most of the days of summer), I felt like weeping or hugging her or just capturing the moment…because in such a short time, I will only have lunch with her on the weekends.  I want each day to be time well spent; after all, these are the last days she will be nine in the summer.  I am thinking of the cookies we did not bake and the bike rides we did not take, forgetting for the moment the bike rides we did take, the bread we did bake, and most of all, the lazy summer snuggles in the hammock.  It all goes by too fast, and I am sad that I can count the days left that we have whole days together.

On the other hand, I have spent my summer days juggling soccer games, business meetings, laundry, website development, dinners, making jewelry, and whew.  There are days that I have felt like the juggler that drops all the balls.  My dinner and my website ideas have gone splat on the kitchen floor.  While I will never complain that I am blessed to have a flexible schedule so I can be with my family in the summer, it is a lot to juggle, and I must admit…I am tired.

So while I am sure I will feel like crying on August 29th when I drop my little one at school, I am also thinking that a whole day at the studio sounds pretty nice.  I can set aside my juggling skills and actually work.  I can focus on business until 4:28 (the last minute I can leave the office and still get to parent pick-up on time), and then I can go home and just be Mom.

I know I am not the only Mom who has these End-of-August Blues.  Everyone who works at Deirdre & Company is a mom.  We have a Mom who has just sent her youngest off to college.  Gulp!  She is so proud of her daughter and the new season in which she is embarking.  This Mom is really excited to put her wonderful marketing skills to work and return full time to the work force doing a job she loves (and we are thrilled to have her).  But in these August days, she can hardly speak of sending her girl to college without tears in her eyes.

Another of our Moms here has asked for Friday off (and got it off of course).  It is the last day she has at home with her son, as he begins first grade on Monday.  She of course is so proud of him and knows that he will do great at school, but I know that there will be tears on Monday for her as well. 

So we Moms suffer the End-of-August Blues.  We love our kids more than we can express, but we have dreams and plans for life outside of being a mom.  These often opposing forces are in effect each day of the year, but as this new school year begins, they come to the forefront.  Do you suffer the End-of-August Blues?  Tell us your story; we would love to hear it.

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