Love Languages

Aug 24 2011

Many of us have read Gary Chapman’s wonderful book on love languages.  It was a no brainer for me to see that my love languages are Quality Time and Meaningful Touch.  My daughter’s love languages are Gifts and Words of Affirmation.  I can guess or know the love languages of many of my friends, and I imagine that you feel the same way (unless of course you have not read the book, and then you have no idea what I am talking about J). 


In a press release for the Night of Joy, being held at Disney World this September, Francesca Battistelli’s husband mentions that while Francesca’s primary love language is Acts of Service, “her eyes do light up with the mention of jewelry.”   As proud sponsors of the Night of Joy Gift Bags, Deirdre & Company is delighted that Francesca will be receiving some of Deirdre & Company’s jewelry creations in her gift bag.  


Is Francesca’s 6th love language jewelry?  This brought 2 questions to my mind. What is my 6th love language, and whom do I know that would know the answer to this question?  I have some friends for whom I can make a good guess what their 6th love language would be. For one friend (and maybe many more), it is chocolate!  For another it is peace and quiet in a beautiful spot.  For me I would say it is cooking and eating a really great meal.  I am not talking about a quick, get- dinner-on-the-table-after-work kind of dinner.  I am talking about the kind of dinner that would be wonderful no matter what time it gets to the table and over which we’ll linger for hours. 


That brings me to my second question:  who knows this about me (besides anyone reading this blog)?  I may have a friend or 2 that could guess at this, but I am not sure that anyone would be sure.  It makes me wonder why we have become so opaque to the people around us that they don’t really know what would feel like love to us.  While appreciating the irony here, do we spend so much time blogging, tweeting, and posting that we don’t make time for real interactions?  In our fast-paced world, are we losing track of how to really connect? To really see?  To really listen?  Would I feel more loved and know more how to love the people around me if I spent more time cooking those dinners that I love and filling the seats at my table with people I love? 


I imagine I should keep writing this blog, but I am heading to the market to get the ingredients for one of those ‘feeling loved’ meals.  Where are you off to next?

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