Labor Day

Aug 06 2011

Thought from Labor Day

This Labor Day I choose to celebrate that I have labor that I love.  It is a blessing to love your job.

I choose to thank the men and women who labor, directly or indirectly, to make my life better.  The folks that come to mind are firefighters, police, baristas at my local coffee shop, garbage collectors, government workers at the city, state and federal level, my mom,  workers for the utility companies, teachers, the armed forces and the staff at church.  Each of my days goes better because these people do their jobs!  Thank you.

I choose to pray for the people who are without labor in our difficult economic times.

I choose to pray for those who are overwhelmed by the labor involved in returning to ‘normal’ life after a hurricane.

I choose to be grateful we live in a country where we can make choices about how and where we labor.

I choose to celebrate today with family and friends and remember to celebrate tomorrow as I return to my labors.


Happy Labor Day

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