Guest Blog from CLASP International – Deirdre & Company

Guest Blog from CLASP International

Sep 11 2011

CLASP International is thrilled to partner with Deirdre & Company to raise funds for infant warmer incubators.  CLASP international is a non-for-profit organization that provides formalized training to local professionals in developing countries to work with and improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities. CLASP International is the Voice for the Voiceless individuals with disabilities. 

A team of medical and therapy professionals recently returned from Zambia, Africa where the need for education and advocacy for the disabled population is significant. Among the many clinics, camps and trainings that the team was able to provide in Zambia, the team had the opportunity to conduct training with the nurses and mothers of infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Infants born prematurely often have difficulty maintaining their body temperature. Traditional incubators, which assist in keeping the babies warm, are often not accessible in developing countries due to high cost and electricity needs. CLASP International is working with another organization to help meet the needs of premature infants in Zambia by providing Infant Warmer Incubators to the hospitals in Zambia. These incubator warmers are only 10% ($200 versus $20,000) of the cost of traditional incubators. These warmers are also portable and have the option to work without power. CLASP International is in the process of raising $18,000 in 18 days to make the purchase for the Infant Warmers and needs your help!

The question is why are we focusing on these infants? Infants born prematurely are among those who need a voice to speak on their behalf. Our hope in focusing on the needs of premature infants is to prevent adverse events that could lead to a life long disability or even death. CLASP International is extremely grateful to have the support of Deirdre & Company. The beauty in the jewelry that this company creates reflects the beauty of the generous hearts behind the product. 

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