A Shout Out

Sep 16 2011


I posted a request on Facebook for some help naming a new pair of earrings.  My customers have great ideas, and I always love to hear what they say, but the name I love the most was a real ‘shout-out.’  I was stopped at a stoplight while I was out running after work.  Suddenly at the same corner the window of a mini van waiting to turn left went down, and I heard the words, “Bright Drops” in a voice I knew!  It was a friend I had not seen in ages that had read my request for a name on Facebook earlier that afternoon and had been mulling it over while driving her kid to soccer.  We had a ‘length-of-a-stoplight’ conversation over a lane of traffic, made plans to connect next week, and then the light turned green, and I was off running with a smile on my face and a new name for my earrings. 

The whole experience left me thinking about community.  I like that Facebook allows me to be in community with people all over the world, people I have never met, some of whom I won’t ever know much about.  But I never want to lose sight of the community out my back door or a mile across the city.  I love that Facebook connected me with an old friend whom I am delighted to be getting together with next week (and I will certainly be wearing my new Bright Drop Earrings). 

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