Hanging out with Matisse - A Retrospective of 20 Years

Oct 20 2011


I am in the process of planning my 20 year business anniversary (Yes, there will be a party--more details coming soon.).  Digging though old pictures and pulling out jewelry that was designed 20 years ago has been quite fun.  A lot has changed, a lot has not.  I remember why I started it all to begin with.  I loved making jewelry.  I still love making jewelry.  I was young.  I had a dream and did not yet know that dreams don’t always become reality.  By the Grace of God (and I do not mean that in the trite expression way, but by His real Grace) I am living my dream.  I dreamed then of design, simple lines,  and playing in metal.  My dreams now have taken on a different tone.  I dream of days to draw, simple pleasures and playing with my daughter.   My dreams of 20 years ago have been woven into the fabric of who I am today.  I have new dreams that could not be without the building blocks of old dreams.   One of my biggest motivations for going into business for myself 20 years ago was that I wanted to have a life.  I wanted to be able to choose what was important to me and let my days reflect that.  I knew that it would mean a ton of hard work, and it most certainly has been a ton of hard work, but I love the life I have.   This first photo of me from 1991 was taken in front of one of my favorite Henri Matisse paintings at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.  I remember getting fairly lost in the Hermitage and then rounding a corner and being blown away by this painting.  It is larger than life.  The design is amazing.  The lines are so simple, the colors so basic and the dance so joyful.  The second photo was taken last month with my dog Matisse.  She, of course was named after Henri Matisse, the painter.   My dreams now are like the Matisse painting and my sweet dog.  Simple and focused enough on the basics so that the dance can be joyful.  

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