Trust me, I mean it.

Nov 13 2011

There are days when parenting is hard.  To be honest, around my home lately, parenting has been really hard.  I want God’s best for my little girl and I too often see my sinfulness played out in her life.  I press on, I pray, I cry, I try, I fail, I pray more and I always hope.  One of the beauties of our loving God is that He shows us a ray of sunshine on the dark days.  My daughter was studying Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech last week in school.  This is what she wrote for her homework.

My Dream for the World

What do I love?  I love Jesus and my friends and family and God and my Mom and my teacher and my cousins and my brother’s and sister’s in Christ and my dog.  

What is my dream? My dream is that people get money and food and clothes and a home and a family and go to church.

What do I want people to know?  I want the people to know that they can go to God and repent and they are God’s child.  I mean it, trust me.


That was my ray of sunshine last week.  I fail more often than I would like to admit, but I learned over homework one night last week that my little one is getting it.   In spite of me, because I pray, because I try and because our God is greater than I can even imagine my little one gets that it is about God and love and forgiveness.  Trust me, I mean it too.

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