Be Still

Feb 22 2012


On New Year’s Day, I heard a sermon on being still and knowing God.  I knew that sermon was for me.  I happened to be traveling in Ecuador at the time, and I spent the last week of my vacation meditating and praying Psalm 46.  As I came home and got back to “real life,” being still and knowing God brought me real peace and real joy in my “real life.”  I loved living in that peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil4:7).  And now as February rolls into March, I realize that I have spent less time being still, less time knowing God.  I miss Him.  I miss His ways, I miss how my life is with Him squarely in the center.  I flipped back through my prayer journal this morning and found one of the prayers I had written down while I was still traveling.  I realized for once that I was writing what God was saying to me instead of what I was saying to God.  

Here is what He said to me in early January.  I am sure He is still saying it today:  

Deirdre, be still and know; be still and know Me, be still and let Me be God.  Be.  Just be for 2 seconds.  Don’t worry about what needs to be done.  Just be a little girl.  Be My little girl.  Be willing to let Me show you.  Be willing to let go.  Be okay with something less than what you think is the best.  Be Mine.  Be willing to let Me show you as you long to show your little one.  Be willing to live in a less than clean house.  Be okay with things not done.  Be okay with it.  Be grateful.  Be grateful for your million, bazillion blessings.  Be okay with My plan for your life.  Remember that being with Me means you are never alone.  Be ready for what I have for you today.  Be Mine, sweet girl, be Mine.

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