Prayer and Vinegar

How I have learned that vinegar and prayer are a lot alike . . .

It has been one of those weeks, and I have found that vinegar and prayer have saved me more than once.  My sweet daughter wanted to help me out sometime in the middle of last week.  She kindly put our winter coats in the washer so they would be all clean to be stored for the summer.  Such a sweet thought.  Alas, the thought was not followed up with a trip to the dryer for the coats.  So when I got around to laundry over the weekend, I open the washer to an overwhelming stench of moldy winter coats. Yuk!  So after a quick Google search of what to do with a moldy smelling washing machine filled with moldy coats, I found vinegar was the answer.  Disaster was averted, and now we have clean coats and a clean washer.  Thank you, vinegar.  


A few days later I was making toast when I turned around to see smoke billowing out of my pantry where the toaster resides.  I am not so good with bread products (a hazard of being gluten intolerant), and I realized that I had started a fire instead of just making toast.  Thankfully the fire was contained inside the toaster oven, and no real harm was done.  Phew....  But, I found my pantry reeked of smoke.  Why is it that campfires smell so lovely and toaster fires smell so awful?  Back to Google for a quick search.  Guess what I found?  The answer again was vinegar.  I was dubious.  Could a bowl of vinegar in the pantry really get rid of that awful smell?  Since it sounded so much more simple than cleaning and washing the pantry, I decided to give it a try.  Can you imagine my delight when I opened the pantry door the next morning and it smelled neither of vinegar nor smoke?  How does vinegar do that?  How is it that vinegar makes my floors shine and my windows streak free?  Honestly, I don’t need to know how; I am just glad that it does.  


It got me thinking that prayer and vinegar are a lot alike.  They both seem to be the answer to many problems.  They are both simple--easy to have around and not too hard to work with.  Just add vinegar and let vinegar do the work.  Just add prayer and let God do the work. Last night I was able to combine the two--I said a prayer of thankfulness and sat down to dinner with my family and enjoyed some artesan Rosemary in Plum Wine Vinegar on a bed of mixed greens

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