Psalm 46 for Moms

Apr 24 2012

God is my refuge and strength and ever present help especially around 5 o’clock.  Therefore I will not lose my temper even if my family is crabby, dinner is not ready, homework is not done and I am tired.   There is a river of hope, a golden cord from heaven that connects me to the Most High God.  When God is with me (even at, especially at, that 5 o'clock hour) I will not fall.  God helped me at the break of day and will help me as the day closes.  

My home is in uproar, something or someone fails, but God’s voice melts away all but what is good.  The Lord Almighty is with me, the God of Jacob dwells in my home.

Come and see what works the Lord will do in my house, the desolation he brings to my sin.  He makes battles over homework and housework to cease.  He breaks the argument and shatters the tiredness.  He turns away unkind works before they are spoken.

“Be still and know that I am God,” he says.  He will be exalted in my home,  he will be exalted in my world.  The Lord Almighty is with me, the God of Jacob makes my home a fortress of His love.

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