Letting God Love on Me

Jun 20 2012


Summer has arrived here in Minneapolis with hot, hot days and wild thunder storms at night.  Last night found me spending a good part of the night sleeping on the floor with the dog.  The thunder scares her so badly she just shakes and shakes until the storm is over.  I have tried to get her to join me in bed, but she will not.  So, I snuggle up with her on the floor and it seems to keep her fear somewhat at bay.  My day today is filled with juggling work needs with summer fun.  Getting that email off to a client in a timely manner while getting ready to head to the beach or take a bike ride.  I’d like to say I have found a balance, but I must admit it feels more like I am juggling.  I juggle the needs of my business, my daughter, my man, my (afraid of thunder dog) and our new little, very wild kitty.  I live in fear that I will drop one of those balls and someone will go splat.   Yikes, I don’t want anyone to go splat.  On those nights that I fall into bed exhausted with the reality that I have let someone go splat, I wonder where my needs fit into all that happens in my world.  Then I think of my sweet dog.  When she was in need, she just snuggled up and let me love on her.  I realize, that when I am in need, all I need is to snuggle up with God and let him love on me.  He understands all that I am juggling, he has grace with what I have let go splat and can meet my needs fully.  So no matter how exhausted I may be, or how poorly I slept on that hard, hard floor, I crawl out of bed early when the house is quiet to spend sometime with my God, who loves me more than I can even imagine.  Sometimes I pray, sometimes I draw, sometimes I cry and not often enough I remember to snuggle up to Him and let him love on me.  Then the rest of my day begins and I juggle, I balance, I love, I mess up, I create memories and I do all this only through Christ who gives me strength.

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