Holy Spirit Wi Fi

Aug 24 2012

Today is not going as planned. My child care for the afternoon fell through, and my

internet connection this morning is not working. Grrrr... As I sit in an internet cafe (without

internet), with a to-do list as long as my arm that can only be done online, I find myself a

bit frustrated. I wanted today to go smoothly. I wanted sometime in this last week of

summer to do something fun with my daughter. I want many things, but have those 

to-do’s that need to be taken care of first, and I am frustrated that I cannot get them done. I

am also frustrated that I am not connected.


Connected to what? My devotion this morning was about being filled with the Holy

Spirit ~ being connected to the Vine. I like the distinction between doing good works

and producing good works. We do good works on our own strength. We produce good

works by being connected to the Vine. When we are connected to the Vine, the Holy

Spirit works through us. We aren’t so much doing it as letting the Holy Spirit do things

through us.


So, as I sit waiting to pick up my daughter, I am thinking about connectedness. I am

frustrated that I cannot connect to the internet to get done what I think needs to be

done. And I wonder, do I bring that same sense of frustration to being unconnected to

the Holy Spirit? The answer is (sadly) no. Connecting to the Holy Spirit is like having a

personal Wi-Fi connection to the greatest power ever, and I realize how many moments

of the day I don’t connect up. I am sad that minutes and hours go by when I don’t even

think about whether I am or am not connect to the Holy Spirit.


I can’t do my work today day because I am not online. (Clearly if you are reading this, I

have figured out how to get online at some point. :)  )  So, as I sit here waiting to pick up

my girl, I wonder what work the Holy Spirit has for me today that I am not doing because

I am not connected to Him.


Gotta go now; my Holy Spirit connection is working great, and I want to hear what His plan is for my day.

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