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Wild Kitty

Sep 07 2012

Each morning I crawl out of bed, grab a cup of tea and curl up in my big yellow chair to have some time with God.  As usual, our kitten wanted to hang out with me and God.  Usually she just curls up and purrs.  This morning she was playing with my Bible bookmark, batting at my pencil and tap dancing on my lap.   She was not being naughty per se; she could just not settle down.  I was so hoping she would just quiet down and enjoy a peaceful snuggle.  It made me wonder if God ever feels exactly the same way about me.  How often do I spend my time with God, fussing over Godly things, instead of being with God?  Fussing over which chapter of a great Bible study book to read. Fussing over the perfect word for a prayer or perfect line in a prayer drawing.  Fussing over really great stuff, but fussing none-the-less.  Are there days when God just wants me to curl up in his lap, so to speak, and enjoy His presence?  To be like a kitten purring from the sheer joy of being in His arms?  

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