Crazy Commands and Miracles

Oct 17 2012

I am fascinated by how often in Scripture, Jesus gives crazy, seemingly ridiculous commands.   I note only a few.  He commands Mary and Martha to open the tomb of Lazarus after three days, even though the stench would be terrible. “Really, Lord?”  He commands the man 38 years an invalid to pick up his mat and walk. “You’re kidding.”  He tells His disciples to feed 5000 men plus women and children with 5 loaves and 2 fish.  “Impossible, Lord.”  At the wedding at Cana, Jesus tells the servants to fill the purification jars with water yet they hadn’t run out of water for purification, but they had run out of wine!  “Sir, that makes no sense!” 

Note a couple of important things:

  1. Jesus involved people in His miracles.  He could have done them by Himself.  He didn’t need  their help, but He used them.   By involving them, they are totally aware that Jesus did a miracle.  
  2. They needed to trust Jesus even when what He was asking seemed crazy.

The thing that is convicting is me the necessity to obeying, of doing whatever “crazy” thing God may ask us to do, if we want to enjoy the miracle He desires to do in our lives.

  • Maybe your marriage is in trouble.  If you are a man, He tells you “to love your wife as Christ loved the Church”Eph.525—being willing to sacrifice for her----- Maybe He tells you to turn off the TV, or forgo your sporting event, or do things on her to-do list, or listen to her, giving understanding, not solutions, or take her out to dinner or dancing. Whatever God tells you to do.  Wives He tells you to respect and honor and submit to your husband Eph 5: 22, 33—not control him, not nag him.  Treat him like a king! Forgive him! Respect and honor his needs, desires, tiredness, his ideas, opinions, whatever. Iron his shirts.  Buy him tickets for a sporting event. Watch a game on TV with him.    Do whatever God tells you, and see what He will do. 
  • Maybe you are struggling with a child or two.    Listen to what God tells you to do.  “Do not provoke your children.”Eph.6:4 Help them save face, help them succeed, humor them, do something crazy yourself. Tango—it takes two ; (fighting does, too ). Stand on your heads together. My niece felt God tell her when she was tempted to get in her children’s face, to “close your mouth and make cookies!” Do, obey, what He tells you and then see Him work.
  • Maybe it is stuff in your own life that you are struggling with---a drabness and meaninglessness to your life or a problem with some habit. “I have come that they may have life, and they may have it more abundantly.” Jn.10:10   Maybe He will tell you to spend more time in His word or more time in prayer getting His perspective on your life or issue.  Maybe He’ll tell you to give away the TV or get an accountability partner to hold you accountable for what you look at on the computer or what you eat or drink, or maybe He will tell you simply to obey where you know you are being disobedient.  Maybe He will call you to some new way to serve Him.

What “crazy” thing may God be asking you to do in order that He can see your trust and faith in Him? Then He can work in your life to bring life to your deadness (Lazarus), to free you from sickness in your heart, soul, life (38 year invalid man), to feed your spiritual hunger (like the 5000), to change your ordinariness into to a vibrant, awesome life (like water into wine), or whatever He may desire to do!! Ask Him to show you what crazy things He wants you to do so He can work miracles in your life.

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