Feb 01 2013

I am falling in love words.  The Word.  Word made flesh first by God in Jesus and now working out how to make His words flesh in me.  To live the Word.  To breathe the Word.  To hear.  To Listen.




This word is anchoring my week.  Listening is the word that helps me understand the Word.  A word at church on Sunday reminded me that we talk to God so much more than we listen to Him.  I want to listen this day, this week.  Listen first to God.  Listen to  joys and pains.  Listen to my girl.  Listen to what she is not saying.  Listen, really listen to people in my day.  A friend recently said to me, “I felt love because you listened.”  As I start in on another normal, crazy, busy day I want to listen.  To love.  To know I have taken the time to listen to my God.  


On the oddly green wall over my sink, I taped this word.  The reminder to listen in the busyness of dishes, dinner and the day.

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