Snow Perspective

Apr 19 2013

I look out the window and my world is covered by inches and inches of fluffy white stuff.  It is beautiful, fresh, clean and cold.  If today was sometime in early November,  I would be giddy with delight.  I would have jumped into my day, checking to see if there is enough hot chocolate to warm cold fingers after sledding.  I would have checked websites to see what time the ski areas were opened; I would have found skis in the garage.  I would have donned snow pants and boots and gone out to play with kids and dogs.  There would be laughter and joy and most certainly a snowball fight.


But, today is April 19, and I have not one bit of November delight in the snow out my window. This gorgeous gift of God’s creative nature is not one bit different than it would have been in November or December, but I have changed.  My perspective has changed.  I am looking to delight in daffodils and jonquils, not snow.  I am looking for warm sun on my face, not crunchy snow under boots.  Perspective.  Nothing is different today except how I choose to see things.  I am not planning for chocolate-warmed fingers and looking for skis,  I am checking the weather to see when it will melt.  


My perspective colors how I see the world out my window and into the window of my soul.  I find myself wondering this snowy April morning how God would like to change my internal perspective.  Can I learn to see His timing as perfect even when it is perplexing to me?  Can I learn to live His gracious perspective on parenting instead of my controlling parenting craziness?  Can I learn to see His glory in April snow and live grateful for every good thing? Can I?  Do I want to?  Will I this day?

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