Summer Chaos

Jun 05 2013

While the weather does not seem to be cooperating with the idea that summer is here, I have a delightful daughter who is quite rightly convinced that summer has arrived because she is out of school!  Summer is fun and full of relaxing moments, joyful moments.  It is also, at least for all the Moms I know, full of juggling.  And here in the first days of summer I challenge myself to enjoy the joy and not worry to much about the juggling (not that I can just skip the juggling, but that I can choose not to worry about it).


I was speaking not too long ago with a friend who was considering a smart phone.  He said he was afraid to get one as he thought he would always be checking his phone and not living in the present.  I so know what he meant.  I too often find myself taking any spare moment to check my phone.  We are out to dinner, and my daughter heads to the bathroom and I am alone at the table.  Why do I think I need to check my phone?  What do I think it is so important there?  Sure there are times it is important...we are out to dinner before a soccer game, and it has started to rain.  Is the game cancelled?  Can we linger over dinner, or should we head out?  Yes, there are times it is great to check the phone.  But so many times, there is really no reason to be on my phone.


So as I dwell on how to find peace and joy in summer instead of juggling and chaos (albeit fun chaos), I think it is how I choose to spend those extra minutes of my day that will make a difference.  What if I take those tiny windows to be still and know my God instead of checking my phone for email updates?  If my day is peppered with small, be still God moments, I believe I can live in the peace and joy of crazy, fun, chaotic summer days.


Phew... I already feel more at peace.  Summer can be filled with days of playing catch in the park, laughing with friends, grilling broccoli and sausage for deck dinners, along with those topsy-turvy moments, like ‘yikes, I forgot to buy milk’ and the craziness of running late because we played too long.  And as I stand in that slow moving line at the grocery or at a stop light that is still very red, I can be still.  I can know.  I can know that God is God, and He is the peace in the crazy.  He can be my peace in the crazy fun. And so I know this summer is going to be wonderful.

P.S. Dear God, if the sun could come out here in Minnesota, it would actually feel like summer.

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