Studio Impressions

Jun 14 2013

Ever wondered what time in the studio is like?  Meet Digna.  She is in 11th grade at Hope Academy.  She is joining us this summer at part of the Hope Works Internship Program.  We asked her to blog about her experince so far.  Here is what she had to say.


My favorite task in the studio of this week was putting jewelry in boxes. I like how every little detail is important for them. They try their best. My least favorite task in the studio was making the earrings; it was hard for me. It was my first jewelry that I made. The thing I liked is that Deirdre helped me in every step. The most interesting thing is how Deirdre interacts with people. I really like her sense of humor and her attitude over everything.  She is a person where you can say anything to her. I liked meeting Deirdre’s helper, Mrs. Decker; she is a really nice person. She showed me a lot things in one day. I learned many things.  For example, how and what to do before or after with the jewelry. One thing that surprised me was thinking that it was going to be in a small store and not in a house, which I like. When I first came I was surprised because I thought it was going to be in a small store. If I have the opportunity to make a piece of jewelry, I will make a small book and put my favorite verse from the Bible.  I really thank God for this opportunity. Deirdre’s handcrafted jewelry company is awesome.

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