Battling the Busy

We have all heard the saying: 

"Life's not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away."

I read a lovely little blog from a friend the other day about sharing a moment of moonshine with her grandson and being awestruck by beauty.

It is these moments that make a day memorable.  We don’t look back on the dishes we washed or the laundry we folded and say that is why my week or day or year was memorable.  It is the moments that make the memories.  

I am a Mom with an awful lot of laundry and even more dishes (a hazard of loving to cook) and a longing for a slower-paced life.  I know I am not alone in this longing.  But the reality is that kids and school and soccer and work and laundry and dishes and, and, and, and . . . make that slower-paced life seem something close to impossible. 

Yet, we always have time for moments ~ moments to see God’s creativity, moments to see creativity in others,  moments to be creative.   Being creative does not mean we have to make the time to paint a huge canvas (or paint a canvas at all for that matter) .

  • Creative can be napkin art (just paper napkins and a sharpie and a bit of imagination).   
  • Creative can be noticing a beautiful black and white bird on the deck post (and running for the camera just as the bird flies away ~ does this bird not know that the blogs are always better with photos?).
  • Creative can be enjoying a beautiful photo on Pinterest.
  • Creative can be making a salad smile.
  • Creative can be huge, but it can also be just a moment.

And I realize that as I go through the busy-ness of my day, if I keep my eye out for something creative, I always, always find something to take my breath away, even if just for a moment.

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