A Month to be Thankful

The calendar has just flipped into November-- I love this month as it holds 3 of my favorite things.  As a kid I loved Christmas and Easter for all the candy, hubbub and gifts.  But as a grown up (sorta) Thanksgiving take the cake, or pie, for me in regard to holidays.  It resounds in the core of my being to be thankful.  Regardless of what we think of what our government is or is not doing now, how cool is it that our country was founded by people who set aside a whole day to have a gratefulness party?  And it was genius to put the holiday on Thursday as many are privileged to a 4 day weekend.  Now that is a great way to celebrate thankfulness.  Of course it was even more genius to place the celebration on the first day of the holiday.  The ‘work’ of feeding everyone that fantastic meal is over on Thursday-- which means there just may be time for a nap or shopping or football or whatever on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Ah...thankfulness.


Also on my list of favorites for November is my daughter’s birthday.  I love how excited she gets about celebrating her.  I love her beyond her wildest imagination and taking a day to celebrate her is a great Mom privilege.  It is a day when I can tell her how beautiful I think she is, how her kinds heart is a treasure, how I am amazed by what she can do on a soccer field,  I can affirm in her the fearfully and wonderfully made child of god she is.  And if I feed her enough chocolate, I may not even get an eye roll as I spend the day gushing about how cool she is.  I am so blessed to be her Mom.  See God choose me to be her Mom.  God has a plan for every child and for every person who longs to be a parent, but when His plan is made through adoption there is something extra special about being chosen. 


In November of 2001 when I was terribly sick with a yet undiagnosed illness that had me laying in bed a better part of most days, God was planning an amazingly cool thing half way around the world.  On November 21, in the mountains of Ecuador a beautiful child of God was born.  While I was struggling with my health and asking God, ‘why are you letting this happen to me,  how can I ever do anything for you if I cannot get out of bed?’,  there was a mom in Ecuador who realized that she could not care for her daughter.  While God was refining my heart, a little girl was abandoned.  5 years later, with my health restored, I hopped on a plane to fly to Ecuador to meet that little abandoned girl.  When I was praying, how can I serve you Lord,  unannounced to me, my child was born.  And now I have the answer to my prayer.  I can serve Him by being her Mom.  


My 3rdfavorite thing in November is the fact that is National Adoption Month.  Kids need homes.  Kids need parents to provide a life they can be thankful for.  Kids need someone to care that it is their birthday.  It is my prayer that as Adoption gets more ‘airtime’ in November, more kids will find forever homes.  And if adopting is not for you,  please know, you can still be part of adoption.  It is so easy to see all that is beautiful in adoption, and easy to forget all that is hard.  Kids who need to be adopted have hard stories.  Hard stories don’t often equate with easy parenting.   Adoptive parents need help.  A friend said to me recently,  what you need is a day off.  Indeed he was right.  I do need an emotion break at times.  Ask a family that you know who has adopted how you can pray for them.  Ask them if you can take the kids for an afternoon.  Ask them to dinner.  Be part of the village that helps raise their kids.  They will be thankful for your help and support.


I know that I am thankful for the privilege of being an adoptive mom and I am thankful for the folks who have come alongside me to help raise the beautiful Ecuadorian girl who turns 12 this month.  

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