Special Projects

Our jewelry is meant to delight and encourage both the giver and the receiver.  We also like to hear your ideas and mix them with our jewelry and gifts (or create a new piece entirely) to help you give a meaningful and unique necklace/bookmark/key chain, etc, for remembrance, for celebration, for commendation; for parties and fund-raisers; for your church, school, exercise class, reunion, volunteers . . . You name it, we can probably do it!  Call us (612.331.2482) or email us (info@deirdreandcompany.com) and let's get to work!

Together We Rise Sterling Necklace

From $ 49.00

Minnehaha Necklace with Recycled "Sea" Glass

$ 20.00

Together We Rise Sterling Necklace with Cross

From $ 54.00

Minnehaha Strong Necklace in Sterling

From $ 49.00

Just Live Necklace with Recycled "Sea" Glass

$ 20.00

Just Live Necklace

From $ 45.00

Just Live Key Chain

From $ 19.50
Only available with purchase options above.

I Love the Island Necklace in Sterling

From $ 45.00

The Island Necklace

From $ 37.00

The Island Necklace with Recycled "Sea" Glass

$ 20.00

Washington Island Charm

From $ 20.00

Washington Island Earrings

From $ 39.00

Washington Island Necklace

From $ 32.00

Together We Rise Pewter Ornament

$ 9.50

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