25th Anniversary Celebration Markers

Since 1991, I've been incredibly blessed to pour my heart and soul into doing what I love.

That's 25 years of celebrating life & faith! So...


#25 Jesus' Birthday

Celebrating Jesus' birthday is the perfect way to end our Celebration Markers.  We are filled with joy and gratitude for 25 God given years of
Deirdre Handcrafted Jewelry.

#24 We get to be Santa

On Friday December 16, 2016 ground shipping is on us. Ho, Ho, Ho!

#23 Shine Brightly!

Our reminder to ourselves that with all the hustle and bustle this time of year that we still want to shine brightly (even when being snippy seems easier).  Can you relate?

#22 25th Birthday Party Sale

We had our best sale ever with 25% off everything!
It was a very busy week.


#21 Holiday Shows 

We did many! They were fun and it was great to see all of you! One more show Thursday, December 15th at the University Club. 5pm to 8pm

#20 Helping Others

We love to support worthy charities.  Deirdre's Mom was diagnosed this year with EHE, a rare cancer.  In conjunction with an EHE support group we sell Just Live necklaces and a portion of the proceeds goes to support EHE.  We would love to partner with you and your charity too.

#19 Out to Lunch

December 5th, 25 years ago, was Deirdre's first sale! To celebrate the official beginning of the business, our staff went out to lunch!


#18 Small Business Saturday

One of our favorite days! Support all those Small Business that add a bit of flair to your days.  We celebrated with a Special Collection of Jewelry at 50% off! 

#17 Wonder

We held a contest to choose one new word to add to our collection of Recycled "Sea" Glass pendants. Beth was our winner with her suggestion of "Wonder". Thanks Beth!
We are loving thinking about Wonder!


#16 New One-of-a-Kind Crosses

To add a little extra pizzaz to your holiday, Deirdre created a number of One-of-a-Kind Crosses and other pendants. Check them out under New Items!

#15.  Twenty-Five New Pieces!

Some are fresh new creations, others are twists on proven favorites.  Our customers
have spoken . . . their favorite piece, hands down, is this lovely 
Cross and Pearl Necklace!  It's simply something special.  
Check out our new pieces here!

#14.  "& Company"

Ever wonder what the "& Company" of "Deirdre & Company" stands for?  The
"& Company" is simply all of you who support us!  Family, friends, employees, suppliers, the stores who purchase our product, and everyone who has said a prayer for us. Thank you all! To celebrate all our partners, we've tagged some of our "& Company" groups in September on Facebook.

#13.  Family First Company!  

We celebrated families this September!  This Company is run and operated by 4 different moms, all in different life stages with their kids, and so much of what we do celebrates our families.  With a SIGH of relief, we gave a special back-to-school discount for all those moms and dads and grandparents and the "village" who help raise our kids (and then send them back to school! :) ).  


#12.  Blessing Others!

"Blessing others" is at the very heart of our mission statement. As mothers,we bless our children with our love. And rides to countless soccer games!  As friends, we share meals, a sympathetic ear, and hugs as needed.  But what to do when a tangible blessing is needed? (Drum roll please...)  We are thrilled to formally introduce a new pricing bracket called "Blessing Others."  Put simply, quantity discounts are now available for "blessing others" with gifts and jewelry...

#11.  Flores de Villa Warrior Bracelet

Crafted by the spirited ladies from Flores de Villa outside of Lima, Peru, these beautiful, intricate chainmaille bracelets are made by hand. When they arrive here in the Studio, we add one of our charms. Isn't collaborating grand?  Partnering with these ladies, we have the opportunity to share in the creation of jewelry that is not merely pretty, but that empowers women to provide for their families.

#10 Celebrating Places We Love with New Pieces!

In June and July, to celebrate our love of places near and far, we introduced our Island Jewelry, inspired by Washington Island, WI, and laid out in our
Recycled Glass and Blessing Bars!

#9. Adoption Celebration!

Adoption is near and dear to our hearts at Deirdre Handcrafted Jewelry; Deirdre adopted her beautiful daughter from Ecuador 9 years ago.  At the time, there was not a lot of adoption jewelry out there, and for a soon-to-be Mom whose business is making jewelry, that was simply not a good situation!  So Deirdre created her own line of
Adoption Jewelry, to celebrate all aspects of the beauty of adoption.

#8. Celebrating Dads -  Happy Fathers's Day!

We celebrate Dads or Grandfathers who have been fathering
 for 25 years (any of you who have a child who is 25 in 2016).  

#7.  Sci-Fi Fun - "Star Wars" Themed Jewelry

Guess what? Star Wars enthusiasts will enjoy wearing Deirdre's jewelry
with their favorite Star Wars tee.  Blessing Bars?     Light Sabers!!! 
Maid-of-Honor Earrings?    The Death Star!!!
#6. 25th Anniversary Celebration ~ Dessert, Wine, and Jewelry!
Why we celebrated at Spangler and de Stefano? Two reasons: 
                                   1 - it is a beautiful Victorian in St. Paul; and                         
2 - we love collaborating with others!
We showcased Deirdre's jewelry, giving 25 different event specials and introducing new pieces, all the while sharing beautiful, yummy desserts with friends and colleagues.  

#5. Hearts at Home

 Hearts at Home Conference, April 21-23, 2016. Our 25th Hearts at Home customer received $25 off of their purchase!

#4. Celebrating Mothers

We  celebrated moms or grandmothers who have been mothering for 25 years! (Any of you who have a child who is 25 in 2016.) 

#3. Top 25 Designs of the Last 25 Years!

Take a peek back at our best sellers over the years;
we've created a page just for these all time favorites:  

#2.  Blessing Bars

Introducing Deirdre & Company's 1st new jewelry creation of 2016:  Blessing Bars!

Made with love and meant to bless, these little, sterling silver Blessing Bars keep your blessings close to your heart.  These are the first four pieces of Deirdre's personal challenge to design and add 25 new pieces to her collection.  

#1.  A Charity Blessing!

To kick-off our 25 Year Celebration, we posted a Charity Blessing Event on Facebook, and randomly selected Peruvian Partners, from the list of our customers favorite charities. Nominated by Kim, Peruvian Partners, a ministry based in Lima, Peru, won our drawing for 25 ornaments in celebration of 25 years in business!
Congratulations, Kim and Peruvian Partners!


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