Be a Blessing

Blessing others is at the heart of Deirdre Handcrafted Jewelry. And with that in mind, I'd like to make blessing others a priority in 2023 through giveaways and special buys.

I'll post a giveaway or special buy on social media on Wednesdays - so give us a follow and watch our stories every week! In the spirit of blessings others, I encourage you to bless another with your giveaway gift, although if you need the blessing yourself, I'd love that too. 

To claim a giveaway, simply DM me. (Note: Some weeks there will be just one, and other times we will have a number of pieces, so be quick.) We'll send a link for a 5$ shipping fee to the winner/winners. You'll have approximately 24 hours to purchase shipping before we pass the blessing on to another winner. 

If you are local and would like to save 5$, just let us know in your DM that you plan to pick up the piece at Rock Paper Silver.

To purchase a special buy on Instagram, head to our Link Tree and click on "Special Buy". (Click the link in our bio to visit LinkTree.) On facebook, simply click the link found in the post.