Hi Joyful Friend!

Let me guess… you’ve got planning on your mind.

There’s an event, there’s a planning committee, and somewhere in there, there’s you — mind spinning with possibilities!

You want to mark the occasion. And do it originally.

Whether it’s a banquet, celebration event, retreat, or fundraiser, we get it… you want to make it impactful and memorable — but keep things simple too.

You’re looking for that certain little something that’s going to be the cherry on top!

Good news: Simple is right up our alley! (Creativity too.)

Im Deirdre by the way Encourager, mom, artist, friend, silversmith, faith-fueled business owner, and, you know… all the hats. I work from my sunny studio in Minneapolis where I create gifts, logo art, jewelry, and celebration pieces of all shapes and sizes!

Whether you are part of a fundraising team, lead a ministry, or are planning a celebration or gala for your organization, I’d love to help.

But first… back to you new Friend!

  • You appreciate creativity and originality.
  • You’re wearing just as many hats as me (or more!).
  • You value purpose and heart.
  • You’re planning something for your ministry, business, or organization.
  • You’d love to add an extra little something to your event or celebration (without overcomplicating things!).

 How would it feel…

  • To share your heart and cause with someone and have them develop just that right little something?
  • To know the perfect creative thank you gift was doable, even if you didn’t know exactly what that was?
  • To run a fundraiser like no other with pieces that your members really desire?
  • To put your feeling of celebration and joy into a special piece that would help people remember your event or cause for years to come?

Well Friend, we happen to know it’d feel great — at least that’s what people tell us! Joy, relief, ease, value, originality, and simplicity are all words we hear often.

So what do we DO, really?

We create mini works of art or jewelry out of your logo, theme, or purposeful words — a small treasure filled with originality and heart that is just right for your audience.

These pieces can be used to: 

  • Give as a favor or token of appreciation at an event, banquet, or retreat.
  • Help you spread the joy of your organization or celebrate an important moment.
  • Offer an alternative to a plaque or award to thank people you deeply value.
  • Help you to fundraise and share about your cause!


Hi There New Friend! I can’t wait to hear your story! So it’s only fair I share a little bit more of mine… 

I’m the Deirdre behind Deirdre & Company (I bet you guessed that). As an artist and silversmith for over 25 years, I started out making one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in silver. Over time, and with positive feedback, I began producing some of my pieces in both sterling and pewter so more people could enjoy my designs. 

Eventually I realized I could be a real blessing to organizations that wanted to create one-of-a-kind, custom treasures, and now it’s become one of my favorite things to do!  I value getting to know each and every organization and find it an honor to be part of the meaningful stories that go along with it.

I work out of my sunny studio in Minneapolis with a wonderful little team that helps keep me and my artist-brain organized! I spend a good chunk of my day playing with fire (for real — it’s necessary to mold silver!). And I find inspiration in faith, real-life joys and trials, nature, and the amazing people around me.





When I’m not making jewelry or custom gifts, I enjoy time hiking outdoors, being a soccer-mom, hanging with family and friends, and cuddling with my awesome dog.

I’m nothing extraordinary, but I am passionate about using my artistic gifts to bless others and make a small difference in this world. I would love to help you make a difference as well!


Ready to connect with us for more info on custom pieces for your event or cause?
 Need more details? Keep reading!



What types of pieces do you create?

Because this is an intricate process, and we want to keep things low-pressure for you, it’d be ideal if you connected with us 8-12 weeks before you need your finished product. We want to allow time for decisions on your end as well!   

But please know that it’s never too early to connect!  We know some of you are planning a year in advance.

With that said, certain jobs can be produced more quickly (occasionally within 2-3 weeks!), so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is your timeline, and we’ll see what we can do.

What are these custom pieces made of?

As a silversmith, I start in silver but we often produce your finished product in pewter, steel, or even gold vermeil. It all depends on what you want and need. Some of our items include ribbons that can match your color or theme. And we’re happy to add the packaging if you’d like!

What’s the minimum quantity to work with you?

We re-create your amazing piece in any quantity of your choice — from 2 (yep, just two!) to 2,000 or more.


What if our logo is, err, not attractive?

Great question — I believe your PURPOSE is far more important than your logo. And we can find lots of creative and beautiful ways to convey the heart and purpose of your organization, even if it’s not a straight-up version of your logo. Trust me! As an artist, it’s what I do. We’ll help you design something your attendees or guests will genuinely enjoy.

I love the originality, but can my organization afford it?

You might be surprised… we often work within tighter budgets than you’d probably expect, and we love working with events or organizations big and small!

We listen hard to your purpose and project budget, which helps us suggest the right types of gift items for you. Each project starts with a design and mold fee, as we shape your prototype, but from there we can produce as few or as many as you need at an affordable rate, even if you want to reorder them for next time around!

Do the pieces come packaged?

That’s up to you. We are more than happy to package your pieces in our own boxes, slide them into organza bags for you, display them on a card, or discuss other pre-packaging arrangements! But we can also hand off your finished pieces and have you take it from there.

Ready to connect with us for more info on custom pieces for your event or cause?



What kind of timeline do these custom products take to create?

Because this is an intricate and creative process, and because we want to keep things low-pressure for you, it’d be ideal if you connected with us 8-12 weeks before you need your finished product. We want to allow time for decisions on your end as well! With that said, some jobs can be produced more quickly (occasionally within 2-3 weeks!) so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Future bonus: if you decide you want to recreate your piece(s) for years to come, we can skip steps A-Y and go right to Z — producing the exact quantity you need more of, with less turnaround time!

What’s involved in the ordering and designing process? 

  • First off, we’ll walk you through every step of the way — that’s our job! We’ll start by chatting with you about your purpose and your project. We value your story.
  • I (Deirdre) will be happy to offer any artistic ideas or inspiration to help you along — don’t feel like you have to have it all figured out. Just share your heart and ideas (or lack of!).
  • We’ll also help you discover what types of pieces or product styles are best for your event or needs. Often a variety of the same style as different pieces is the best fit (such as one design created as both a pendant + key chain).
  • Then we can talk about done-for-you packaging — boxes, bags, ribbons, etc. (If you know you want to display or package them yourself, that’s great too.)
  • After we’ve identified your desired plan, we’ll send you a proposal with estimated rates for your custom project, based on different quantities.
  • Once you decide to move forward, we start with sketches and then design a silver prototype to show you a sample before producing.

And then the prototype goes to production! From there, it generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get it delivered to you! (Small jobs are often produced in-studio and can be turned around more quickly - so don’t be afraid to call!)

How do we know if you can work with our logo?

  • We can work with ANY logo, as long as you have the permissions to use it. (So no, you can’t use Nike’s logo for your event; sorry, Friend!)
  • We can work with your logo in whole, or just feature part of it to make a more aesthetically-appealing design. That’s something we can help you decide on.

If your logo isn’t the most attractive, we can also use a meaningful word or phrase, or simply design a new concept to represent your purpose with style and meaning. We are happy to help you brainstorm.

Can we create the same logo or design in more than one piece?

Yes! You definitely will want to consider using a similar style or design for more than one piece — say a keychain and a pendant. Or an ornament and a necklace. That’s something we do often and are happy to help you with!

How big or small will our piece be?

  • Most pieces we design are between 1/2” and 2".
  • However some organizations will want small sculptures or desktop pieces to use as awards or gifts in smaller quantities, and these can be bigger, from 3” to 12” for example.

Can we use both the front and the back of the piece?

  • Yes! We can create text or artwork to both sides of most pieces.


I have no doubt that your organization or cause is dear to your heart Friend — and to the heart of many others.

>> How would it FEEL to wow your audience with something original and memorable?

>> Wouldn’t it be great to leave your guests with a reason to remember your cause or donate again? 

>> Perhaps you’re ready to do a fundraiser like no other.

>> Or maybe you just want a custom thank you gift that really expresses your gratitude in an original way.

Ready to chat and see if we might be the right fit?

Please get in touch — I’d love to hear your story! 

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Because YOU are more valuable and unique
than anything we could ever create.
Can’t wait to talk with you soon!

-Deirdre & Team 


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