The Wonder of it

The Wonder of It

The wonder of it!  God Himself took on flesh to come to this earth to dwell for a time among us as a man. He condescended to spend time in a woman’s womb and go through the birthing process---a woman whom He created, a process He created.  He was born in the lowest of places, a stable or cave and laid in a manger. The wonder of it! 

One of the things that has been catching my attention this Advent season is the stable and the manger, undoubtedly dirty and smelly and very unattractive. It can’t have been very desirable, more likely very undesirable.  It was a place for animals, not for humans, let alone a baby. Yet God in His infinite wisdom and goodness and love chose to have His Son, God incarnate, born in such a place.  The wonder of it!  And the wisdom of it! He, the King of Kings, was not born in a palace as royalty.  If He had been, people may have thought He came to this world for royalty only.  I doubt any one has had a more lowly birth, whether in a house, a hut, a car or a field.  How fitting that the Christ child be born in the lowest of places!  He came for all people---rich, poor, royal, as well as the lowly---for all people.

What really ‘blows my mind’ is that He has come to live in me: dirty, sinful, smelly, unattractive and often unappreciative.   How undesirable I am too much of the time, yet He chooses and, indeed, is pleased to dwell in me in order to make me beautiful as He is.  The wonder of it!   The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of the world, the Creator of me, the Judge of the world has chosen to dwell in me in the person of His Holy Spirit. 

The wonder of it!   God incarnate!!  God indwelling!!  The wonder of it!

May we become more lovely places for Him to dwell as we allow Him to transform us and pervade all we think and do.   May you and I be absolutely delighted by the wonder of it all, by the wonder of our God!

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