Purity Cross Necklace

Purity Cross Necklace

This cross pendant is simple in design but actually rather hard to make.*   Isn't it rather appropriate?  It is simple to say that purity is a good thing but rather harder to make it a reality.

Purity Cross (1/2" x 1/2") in Stainless Steel; brushed finish on 24" satin cord.  Other Necklace Options available.  Comes boxed; choose Bible Verse Card or Simple Logo Card.  Would you like to upgrade to sterling silver?  Click here.

*Why is this piece so hard to make you ask? Mostly because it is so small. I use a jeweler’s saw to hand cut the piece. I saw with my right hand and use my left hand to hold the piece steady. The trick is getting a good enough hold on the piece that it is steady without sawing into my finger tip (ouch.) It takes much focus, and I have to move slowly. Purity too needs to be held on to; staying focused on the goal and moving slowly work as well for sawing jewelry as they do for maintaining purity.

  • $ 18.00

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