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So somewhere around 2015 I stopped blogging.  I just stumbled on my old blogs.  I had a great time reading Troitty Taly Number One and thought I would share it.  Troitty is now 8 and a much loved, very good dog.

Troitty Taly Number One (2015)

I am not sure why God gave us animals not only to eat, but also to rule over.  While Genesis does not talk about domesticating animals, somehow I think God knew that His people would indeed find that some animals make better companions than food.  I think of what we can learn from our pets and know that indeed God had a plan, and it was good.  It is good.

Early this sunny Saturday morning, my girl and I drove to Avon, Minnesota, to pick up Troitty, our new border collie pup. Oh my, the delight of little, furry creatures.  After about 30 minutes of shyness, he decided we were OK.  On the ride home he curled up on my daughter's lap and fell blissfully asleep.

Upon arriving at our home, he courageously (and occasionally mischievously) discovered his new surroundings.  He has quickly settled in and is learning our routine.  He inherently trusts that we will be good to him.  His trust goes beyond saying he trusts us (as he is a dog, he can’t actually say anything), but his actions show us that indeed he trusts us.  

I wish I could be more like Troitty.  When God says to me, ‘come know Me better,’ or ‘I have a new plan for you,’ or ‘how about this today,’ do I react like Troitty?  With just moments of hesitation and then all in?  No, I tend to argue (pray), debate (talk it over with wise council), and put it off, as there are more ‘pressing’ things to do.  Now, I know in my heart that God has more love for me and desire for my good than I do for Troitty (and I do have a huge amount of love for this puppy, and do indeed desire that his life is good).  Oh, that I could be like this sweet dog, my trusting Troitty.  Could I courageously step into whatever God calls me to do today?  Could my actions be such that God would know that I am all in?  That whatever He calls me to do today, I would greet it with the character of courage and excitement that I see in Troitty?

I know that I have a long way to go in this.  But I also know that each morning as Troitty trustingly greets me and the new day, he will be an example of how God longs to have me trust Him.

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