Blessing Others Pricing

At Deirdre & Company, “Blessing Others” is at the very heart of our mission statement.

That’s why we’re thrilled to let you know about our pricing bracket called “Blessing Others.”  Quantity discounts are now available for "blessing others" with gifts and jewelry. How do we define "blessing others"? Simply put . . . just like you do!  Our "Blessing Others" pricing could be to

       -  encourage friends in Bible Study or small groups
       -  honor teachers, nurses, or day care providers 
       -  thank volunteers 
       -  affirm teens in youth groups
       -  commemorate a special day for your family
or any group of people you would like to bless. We'd love to extend you a quantity discount so you can say thank you to these folks without breaking the bank!

Email us at and tell us your story!  

Let us know 1.) which piece you want to give, 2.) the group you're blessing, 3.) how many you need, and 4.) the date you need it.  Custom pieces too!  We will do our best to give you our best price.*
We love sharing our customers' stories in social media (without last names, of course!); please let us know if you would prefer we NOT share your story.
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and bless those around you!
*"Blessing Others" discount applies when you are giving a group of people the same piece.  Discounts will vary by product and quantity.  Each piece is a unique creation with different price margins.