December Firsts

December 1st seems to be my day.  Long ago when I was just a babe, my parents chose December 1st for my baptism.  I won’t get into a theological debate of infant baptism.  What I know is that my parents made a commitment to teach me about God and His love.  Their commitment has been the strongest filter in my life. That commitment began a journey I am still on today.  Now my faith is my own.  I will forever (literally) be grateful for what my parents taught me.Little Me


Fast forward to 1991, I had a dream to make jewelry.  I decided to chase that dream despite the impracticality of doing so and many suggestions of ‘more practical pursuits.’  I made my first official jewelry sale on December 1st, 1991.  Thirty-two years later, I am still making jewelry and loving it, another beautiful filter that has colored the story of my life.  (And I have had more than one good giggle that I am one of the few people I know still working in the area of their undergrad major.)

The 1st  ring I made in college

Two years ago on December 1st, I went on a first date.  This coming June I will marry the wonderful man who asked me on that first date on 12/1/21.  (Who doesn’t love a good palindrome?)  The rest of my life will be filtered by the love this good man and I share.

My fiancé & Me

I plan to live a good many more December Firsts and wonder what new filters the future will bring to color and add richness to my life.


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