Tulips, Jack in a Pulpits & Creative Joy

I have always loved flowers. In my mind's eye, tulips are tall and huge and flooded with sunshine.  We had tulips along the driveway of the home of my very early years.  I was not much taller than the tulips, so they were big and beautiful to me then, and I still see them through those eyes. 
Somewhere around middle or maybe early high school, I was gifted with a botanical drawing book.  Sitting on the back porch with the book and some watercolor paints, I had my first 'joy of creating' moment and, of course, painted a flower delightfully named Jack in a Pulpit.  It turned out well enough that my parents had it framed.  What is most significant to me is not that it was framed, or that we were all surprised that I had some art skill, but the simple joy I experienced while creating it, remembering the feeling of the sunshine that day, our back yard full of growing things.
My soul craves the compelling, irresistible joy of creating.  I long to feel that afternoon sun on my face and in my soul, to experience again those moments when creativity flows and brings joy.  I am trying to discipline my mind to not think, would someone buy this? Or how much can I sell this for?  Those questions (while excellent business questions) have been getting in the way of joyful creativity. Thirty-two years into a creative career, I am stepping back a bit this winter to focus on the simple joy of creating, making space for ~ and allowing myself to enjoy ~ the process.

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