Consignment Program for Retreats (CPR)

 Add life to your retreat with a little CPR

Super easy on your budget - you only pay for items sold at your event.


Hosting a Women’s Retreat in the next few months? Add some life to your event with a little CPR.

What is CPR? CPR is our Consignment Program for Retreats (or gatherings of any kind). It’s a really easy opportunity for you to provide memories and mementos for your retreat participants. How? Deirdre Handcrafted Jewelry offers jewelry on a 2-week consignment for your event. Which jewelry? We work closely with you to determine the pieces that best align with your event’s theme and audience. Because we do not require payment before the event, you will not need a budget or need to reallocate funds. Retreat participants will have the opportunity to bring home a little piece of their time away, with no worries for you.

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The Details:We are here to help you keep things simple while adding life to your retreat.

●  We’ll have a conversation about your retreat. What’s the theme? When is the big event? How many attendees do you expect? Are there specific pieces of jewelry which have caught your eye?

●  With this info we put together a small collection of our best-selling pieces for your event. Sometimes the answer is very clear. If your theme is “Beloved,” there is a good chance you will want to offer the Beloved Blessing Bar Necklace​ to attendees.

●  We’ll send you the selected pieces of jewelry, & you sell them at your retreat/event.

●  For your convenience, items will be priced with suggested retail pricing. You are welcome to sell at a discount, if you wish.

●  Order forms will be included for attendees to purchase additional pieces. (These items can be shipped directly to their homes.)

●  After the retreat, return any unsold items to Deirdre Handcrafted Jewelry.

●  We will then bill you for 60% of the suggested retail price for the items you sold (the items not returned to us). You retain 40% of the suggested retail price, minus the cost of return shipping and any discount you may offer.

●  Connect with us! Give us a call at 612-331-2482, or email us at​