Why Woods & Water

Why Woods & Water?

As I looked into 2024 in early January, I knew I wanted to find the joy in being creative again.   Thirty-two years of running a business, the hardships of covid, and the constant need to be on top of everything have not been friends to creativity.  Armed with a new focus, I puttered with this and that, bought new paints (which I love), and took a mini online class on Matisse (my favorite artist).  I was committed to creativity, but I felt like I was just kicking the tires of a new car versus diving and buying the car.  I was dabbling . . . and while that does get creative juices flowing, creativity just wasn't happening.  I was trying to fit creativity in for an hour at the end of the work day, when all the 'needed' things were done.   When did I decide as a creative that creativity wasn't a needed thing?  How had I let that happen?  


Years ago I had the practice of Creative Fridays which at some point dwindled off.  Remembering the joy of those Fridays, I decided to dedicate Fridays to creativity again.  I don't recall what I actually made that first Friday, but I do remember the day simply flew by.  You see, I really love making jewelry.  I don't love posting on social media (but do it anyway); I don't love the computer time that running a business requires; I don't love the crazy little stuff that comes up and takes an inordinate amount of time.  But I do love making jewelry.  So my creative Fridays turned into Creative Tuesdays and Fridays.  I decided to not worry about what would sell or how much folks would be willing to pay for a piece of jewelry.  I just started making things that I wanted to make.


Joy. Joy. Joy.  I love making jewelry; why had I lost sight of that so completely?  There is now a tray of jewelry in the studio that’s slowly being filled with new pieces.  I wasn't sure how they would come together, but the more pieces I made, a theme started to emerge:  woods and water.  I have always loved nature themes.  So this season it is all about Woods and Water.


My schedule is very full as I am getting married this summer!  My to-do list is long.  Moments of quiet are needed.  Yes, I would love to spend an hour or two walking in the woods every day or sitting beside still waters.  Since that is not realistic while planning a wedding, buying a house, and selling a house, I choose little moments. I take a shorter walk by the creek near my house.  I put on my newly made woods earrings and my water ring.  Yes, they are just jewelry, but during my day I can stop and twirl my ring and take a quiet moment to be still by springs of water in my soul.

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