Woods & Water


    Our Spring Collection, Woods & Water, debuts Friday May 3rd at 3pm

    Woods & Water will feature original crosses, natured themed jewelry, handcrafted rings & more. Check back here on May 3rd to shop the full collection. Watch for sneak peeks on our facebook and instagram.* 

    Local to Minneapolis? Join us, in person, at Rock Paper Silver, the Shop of Deirdre & Company, to celebrate the debut of Woods & Water:

    Friday May 3, 3-7  /  Saturday May 4, 9-2  /  Sunday May 5, Noon-4


    PS: We, Katie & Inga, hijacked Deirdre's computer to add this juicy tidbit: May 3rd is Deirdre's BIRTHDAY! So be sure and send happy tidings her way. (No gifts as Deirdre is in the process of moving & already has too many boxes.)


    *Our seasonal collections are offered for a limited time so shop early for best selection.

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