Faith Journey Markers

 Faith Journey Markers celebrate marking moments in faith journeys: to recognize and honor the growth and steps taken toward Jesus.

The base of the Faith Journey Marker is the Every Good and Perfect Gift (James 1:17) Ornament. It comes on a green ribbon to represent growth.

Charms can be added along the journey:  Baptism ~ Dove,  Communion ~ Chalice (cup), Confirmation ~ Cross, Decision for Christ ~Ichthus (fish), and Pearls & Jewels (pearl)

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To have a Faith Journey Marker that you already own hand stamped with a name, date, and/or Bible verse, please email us at

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Does it matter what order the charms are put on the ornament?  You can put them on in any order you would like, but we think they look best like this:

Dove ~ Cross ~ Ornament ~ Ichthus ~ Chalice  ~ Pearl 

How do I put the new charms on?  Simply untie the 1/2 knot at the top, put on the charms and retie the knot.  

What do I do with my Faith Journey Marker?   The choice is yours.  You can keep it with your Christmas things and hang it on the tree each year.  You can hang it in your home 365 days a year.  Keep it where it most encourages you on your faith journey!

Does it matter when I give certain pieces?  Not at all!  You can give a charm when you want to recognize a special moment in your loved one's faith journey, and you can have it engraved then, or give it without engraving. The Faith Journey Marker with Add-ons might be the perfect option for you!

Is the Faith Journey Marker only for children?  Nope!  Spiritual growth happens through out a person's life; give it any time you want to celebrate spiritual milestones and growth in Christ.

Can I have one for myself?  Absolutely!  If you're looking at these, you might be on this life-long journey yourself.  This is meant to encourage you or someone else with a tangible reminder of the treasures we store up in heaven.