Faith Journey Makers

Faith Journey Markers give us, the body of believers, the chance to celebrate marking moments in the faith journeys of our children. We want to recognize and honor the growth of each child as they take steps toward Jesus and pursue their relationship with Him.


We believe that it is the church that supports the family’s nurturing of each child’s faith. And we want to come alongside families and celebrate these moments in each child’s journey of faith. The ornaments & charms are a way to talk about and remember the special moments of faith and what they mean in our lives with Christ.


When a child is born, they will be presented with the James 1:15 Ornament.  It reads, “Every good and perfect gift is from above . . .” and comes on a green ribbon to represent growth.


As a child reaches different markers on their faith journey, we will present charms to mark the moments as follows:

Decision for Christ: Ichthus (fish)

Baptism: Dove

Communion: Chalice (cup)

Confirmation: Cross

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