Welded Wearables ~ Permanent Jewelry

Welded Wearables ~ Permanent Jewelry


    rr… What is permanent jewelry?

    Great Question.

    Permanent Jewelry is (painlessly) micro welded on your wrist, neck or ankle.

    No more annoying clasps, who doesn’t love that?

    How does it work? First, make a 30 minute appointment. When you arrive, browse our chain styles & charm selections. Once you have chosen, we will painlessly micro weld your jewelry (generally a bracelet or a necklace) on you. Bring a friend it is more fun with two!
    Call for more information! 612-331-2482
    Sterling Chains      Cable 2mm        Rope 3mm       Circle 5mm       Heart 4mm        Cable 3mm      
    Sterling Chains       Rolo 4mm
    White Gold Chains       Flat Cable 1.5mm        Elongated Oval 3mm x7mm
    Stainless Chains        Cable 4.5mm

    More Coming Soon!
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